Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Over the last year or so I've been trying to find new ways of interacting with scripture and words, as I'm such a visual person that reading non-fictional text doesn't grab me, and I tend to forget what I learn.
I've started creating images with texts that inspire me, so I can look at them and see the meaning and be reminded of things I need to learn. This really helps me take things to heart and live them to be true, rather than just keeping them as words in my head.

I didn't draw any of the artwork or take most of the photos, but I used them to create something new. Have tried to refer back to original owners where possible.

Picture taken by Astrid, a lady I met in Namibia who is an
excellent photographer.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Dear Gran..

I just wrote a big long letter to my gran, and realised it was a nice summary of what life is like here in Mbarara, so you out there in blogland might want to read it, too. Have edited out some of the more boring bits that only a grandmother would be interested in!

Dear Gran,

I’ve been thinking of you so wanted to write a letter. I’m sad that when I’m far away I don’t get to see you, but I do think about you often.

Life here in Uganda is lovely, but always harder than life at home. I live in a small town called Mbarara, which is actually the second biggest town in the country after the capital, Kampala. When coming from the UK it’s hard to call it even a town – our first supermarket opened last month, and it’s only as small as a local co-op! Only about a third of the roads are paved, the rest are compact mud and get destroyed in the rainy season. We have two nice restaurants and a hotel with a (sometimes clean) swimming pool, and are only 4 hours from Kampala, which is a big city with everything you could ever want.

Something I like about here, though (on most days!) is that shopping is a lot like I’ve heard it used to be in England, where you had to go to at least three different shops, and the market, to do a weekly shop. I like meeting so many people and going all over town every week, though it certainly is nice now to have the option to go to the supermarket when you’re tired. It’s a lot more expensive though!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Media in worship - more than our mouths

We've covered a few different subjects together in GETS so far this term, and this week are about to start a three week session on knowing God and understanding the Trinity. It's all pretty solid material that we cover (last week we looked at our own weaknesses and strengths, and worked out an action plan to put into place damage control for weakness and growth for strength. Again, not easy) so between difficult lessons we tend to look at some of the more unusual methods of prayer and worship, to open our eyes to communication with God that's more than just talking or singing at Him.

I thought I'd share with you a couple of the videos we use to connect with God. Sometimes we sing along, especially if there are words on screen, and sometimes we just watch and listen and allow the words to move in us. The idea of using video and music to learn and connect with God is very new to the girls but they absolutely love it, and always come up with fantastic insights and things they've heard from God after doing this kind of activity.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


A lot of the things we study at GETS are interesting but not really anything you can take pictures of and show here. However, today, (along with book reports and looking at how worship needs to be of the heart and mind and not just singing) we baked cake!

None of the girls had ever baked cake before (the first time they baked was two weeks ago when we made sugar biscuits, which were a bit over-crunchy but yummy all the same). We followed a recipe from my Hummingbird Bakery cookbook - you can find the recipe here, it's really easy and tastes great. We made one big cake and added 10 mins cooking time, and I honestly haven't seen a more perfect vanilla sponge - these girls learn quickly. They've all already decided that when they get married this will be their wedding cake..

We got a bit excited and cut it up to make it before thinking of taking pictures, which is why it looks a bit bedraggled. We haven't got as far as learning to ice, either (one thing at a time!) and a couple of the girls had never seen the 'inside' of a cake before. I'm sure soon I'll be showing you pictures of perfectly iced vanilla sponges, as well as everything else they've decided we're going to make (including spinach and cheese muffins, banana bread and chocolate banana cupcakes), but in the meantime, meet the first ever cake made by any of the GETS girls: